Seeing Ghosts?

United States
May 18, 2007 7:09pm CST
I know there are a bunch of discussions about ghosts but I just wondered if anybody out there might experience the same kind of crap I do.I know it sounds stupid but there is this man type thing that follows me around I see him here and there. No real reason, a friend of mine said maybe its trying to warn me that something bad is going to happen but nothing bad ever really sinks up with when I see him. I see him in my car when I'm walking to it to get in, I see him standing in the door ways when I walk through the house,and sometimes I wake up to him sitting on the edge of my bed. And I know, I know, "But mabye it was a dream" its not I know when I'm awake. This has been going on since I was about 7yrs old and I just about craped my pants when I watched Donnie Darko because his face looks an awful lot like frank the bunny guy in that movie. It doesnt scare me I just dont understand why me. Let me hear it
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• Australia
19 Aug 09
Hello 13fingers, have you considered it might be your guardian angel?
• United States
21 Aug 09
i have considered that because it always shows up just after something happens that i would interpert as trying to scare me like blacking out a hall way , black fog or flickering lights. But i also wonder is it causing those things or protecting me from what ever else is. also its much more vivid and solid than any of the other things ive seen so my guess is it would have to be something other than just a ghost but like i said it dosent feel bad or evil so i really dont know.
• Australia
22 Aug 09
Hello 13fingers, to me it really sounds like your Guardian Angel. I say this because you have always seen it, it is also providing protection from things that might harm you and also you are not feeling any bad vibes or energy when you see it. If you were feeling the bad vibes or energy, then I would be seriously conerned, but you are not so that is good. I actually think you are quite lucky to be able to see and experience that type of phenomenon.