Our Children, Our Society

United States
May 18, 2007 10:04pm CST
As I became a mother I realized how much our society puts on women to be "beautiful". That you have to be this certain image to get ahead in life or to get a guy. It's sad when you turn on the t.v. and theres an ad about anything really but they have a half naked woman next to it so it will sad. I look at the future and what will come of it. I'm almost afraid for my daughter, I do not want her growing up in a world that says the shorter your skirt is the farther you will go in life. I know that there is only so much a mother can do but it's a scary and helpless feeling. Does anyone else feel this way? What can we do as parents?
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@OhMyDayz (158)
19 May 07
As a 17 year old I say please do not worry, we still have our own minds and are not dictated to by the media. I wear what I want and will not succome to what the media and fashion industry dictate for me to wear. I have my own ideas and will always choose a fashion I feel comfortable with. Your own daughter will also choose what she feels most comfortable with and if you have brought her up right as my parents did she will not need to feel she has to dress like a tart.