what's the best team uve got?

May 18, 2007 10:51pm CST
me??..id bet my five..vengeful,faceless,sandking,ancient protector and my fave...lich..what's ur five?
4 responses
• Pakistan
29 Jun 07
in scoruge i would say magnus+tide hunter+warlock+voljin+akasha(all with dagger of escape except warlock and akasha)and the curse of voljin will do the rest
@Darusman (21)
• Indonesia
23 Jun 07
my fave heroes on team battle are 1. rhasta for his ultimate 12 wards attack (If you have aghanim scepter) 2. raigor for his 1st skill that can that can block the roads this skill usefull to prevent the enemy group for escaping 3. lich for his ultimate chain frost attack 4. venomancer for his poison nova and the snakes 5. rylai for her ultimate attack (If her attack combined with lich ultimate attack It will cause an Ice age) that my fave team hope it will be destructive and powerfull. bring any comment
@khaezi (971)
• Philippines
19 Jun 07
Sven, Rasta, Enigma, Vengeful, SandKing all got good stun skills and AoE
@skypix (11)
• Indonesia
27 May 07
viper TormentedSoul Sandking lich akasha.. pretty cool ha?