Our Health?

May 18, 2007 11:00pm CST
does anyone think that today, we can remain healthy? We live, drink, eat and breathe. And everytime we do this we take in a lot of oxidants and free redicals everyday. To add to the bad news, our body makes anti-oxidants only up to the age of 30-35. At that stage, we can get these anti-oxidants through the food we eat, what we drink and exercise. But do you think the food we eat are healthy. The meat we eat are also exposed to oxidants, the veggies and fruits are added with formalin and pesticide just to make it look fresh. With our water, the body of the water is not that clean anymore. Some say water is still clean. I ask them what water? those that are treated with chlorine and other chemicals. Chemicals which have adverse effects in our body.
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