Would you watch Spider-man 4, if ever there was one?

May 19, 2007 3:32am CST
We've seen lots of sequels and trilogies in the past. This month, Spider-man has just completed its trilogy. We have eagerly anticipated that third installment and eagerly watched it on the big screen. Though most might have enjoyed the whole movie, some might be a bit disappointed. Just like me. I don't know... probably because I enjoyed Spider-man 2 so much that I expected it to be topped by the third one. Anyways, if there ever was a fourth one, would you watch it? What would be your reason? For me, it would probably be because I wanted my disappointment for the third one to be washed away by the greatness of a fourth one? =)
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@Dumpertaker (1188)
19 May 07
I am a fan of most comic book movies and I was really hyped about Spider-Man3, but I feel it was not as good, mainly because they tried to do too much. Spider-Man 4 & 5 have been kinda conformed (although I hear Sam Raimi is not directing 4) and I will more than likely go and see them, just to see how the story goes...and apparently they will be 7 movies in total.
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@djmarion (4901)
• Philippines
13 Nov 07
actually i havent watch the 3rd part yet so i really cant decide whether i would like to see the 4th sequel. when i get to see the spiderman 3 and find it great then of course i could also like to see the 4th one.
@ebtenorio (765)
• Philippines
13 Nov 07
I will still definitely watch it... I have been a fan of the comic book since elementary days and I used to save money for the monthly issues of "Amazing Spider-Man." Spidey has always been my idol in the cartoon world. Hehehehe
• United States
24 May 07
I'm definitely going to see part four if it comes out. Though the thought of Sam Raimi not directing it gives me cause for concern. I really hope it doesn't turn into some 'flying wires' kind of thing. That's all very good for kung fu movies.. but would ruin Spider-man.
@MGjhaud (20851)
• Philippines
19 May 07
i havent watch Spiderman 3 actually but i heard a lot of good feedbacks about the movie and though i cant find time watching the movie for now, i would love and so much into looking forward of the spiderman 4 if theres going to be soon..