when hopes and dreams come true?

May 19, 2007 4:47am CST
do not because my dreams and hopes never come true
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• India
19 May 07
Hopes and dreams coming true.. yes i ve experienced it.. So much as to believe that I am being shown my future in the dreams! I guess when you have hopes in something you know you do well ..it ll come true.. If you have a very strong desire... Imagine this way.. I put your head suddenly into water and you cannot breath! The desperation with which you try to come out of it... That sort of attitude is what is required.. Then you ll find that your dreams will take shape of your goals and the difficulty you are gonna face.. With a constant thought you proceed and I am sure at one time when you ll not see anything happening around but your goal..You ll seem to realise that ... 'Yes dreams do come true' Although all this requires a lot of character and will power on your part. :)