Who can help me with my English

May 19, 2007 5:22am CST
I like English very much. But I can't get good grades. Is there anyone could help? I think my vecabulary is small,so what can I do for that? Is there good idea? Also I want to improve listening skills, writing skills and my chinese change into English is poor.What can I do?
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@Rohit20 (327)
• India
20 May 07
Try to go for easy grammar book.Read and practice it.And after that talk to yourself in alone in english,attempt mirror practice,listin news in english and do group discussions with your friends.These are some practical approach to learn correct English.
@manvik (940)
• Hungary
20 May 07
Hi my dear friend,first of all a warm welcome to mylot community.This is a place where you can practice your english.I will not say that I am perfect in english.But everyday I try to improve my knowledge.A best way to improve your vocabulary is to read books.In books you can find many new words and try to check the meanings yourself.Practice makes perfect.So always practice and you can achieve the result.:)
@yanstill (1491)
• China
20 May 07
wow,you are the youngest mylotter i've ever seen.welcome to mylot.many people will give you adivce here,and theirs must be better than mine coz i am learning enlish myself now. a good way to learn more vacabulary is to read more,and then you can know some words and phrases when reading.dictionary is a good tool,i recommend you to use Longman. listening to BBC or VOA is a good way to improve your listening skills,it will be better if you do some dictation on your listening materials.and after that,reciting what you listened,i am sure that will help improve your writing skills as well. hope that helped,good luck.
• Sri Lanka
19 May 07
Welcome to Mylot. You have come to a wonderful place to improve your English. Keep responding to discussions and read other responses. In addition to this I will give some other hints. To improve your vocabulary read books by authors like Dan Brown etc. If there are words that you don't understand refer to a dictionary while reading. To improve listening skills watch English Movies. Try to listen and get the story. Rewind if necessary. Then if you still don't understand switch on sub-titles and compare it with the dialogue.