10 YEARS from NOW, Where do you see yourself?

May 19, 2007 6:23am CST
10 whole years... 365 x 10 = 3650 days... THAT's a lot of sunrise to wake up to! But, where do I actually see myself 10 years from now??? lemme' think... well... DEFINITELY : a. I'll be 33 years older than i am today. b. I'll be practicing my profession. Gaining more knowledge. And maybe acquiring advanced studies on the field I've chosen! c. I'll be owning estates, cars, more shoes, bags, jewels...all the stuff a material girl like me would love to have! d. I'll be residing somewhere in the US, east coast maybe. e. I'll be maintaining a healthy bank account (I'm actually planning to give half of what I'll be earning to my mom coz she budgets so much better than me, so in this case, my mom will make it happen for me!) f. I'll have a deeper & loving relationship with my family, friends & relatives. And I wanna be more generous to them. g. I'll have an improved spiritual life. h. I'll try to stay healthy. Eat the right foods, and hopefully...have a regular exercise! i. I'll be married, and just starting to make a family. j. I'll be taking care of my parents. THEY will stay with me. OH! & yeah, promised my mom...well, I'll definitely keep my promise to her, she'll be tourin' wherever she wants to go. She'll be 70 by that time...all she's gotta do is travel & shop. For my dad, I'll support him any way I can for in his undying love for the poor. PROBABLY : a. I'll be having 2 healthy girls & 2 healthy boys...HOPE GOD will give it to me! :) b. I'll still be as bubbly as I am now, & be having so much fun. c. I'll be making lot'sa new friends, while keeping a much stronger bond with the old ones. d. I'll be able to know how to cook & do household chores. e. I'll be the "SPOILER" with regards to kids, so my partner should be the one who disciplines. All of these are just my point of view, if I'll be able to achieve everything...then, I'm one lucky lady...If not...well, nothin' in this world always go with our plans & that not everything we wanted will be ours to have. This is life...might as well live with it! and oh! another thing I'm sure of doin' 10 yrs or more from now... I'll still be checking my Friendster Account, Yahoomail, and still be posting discussions here in MYLOT!!! PLUS! I think, I'll be looking at this...and reminisce why i was posting this 10 years ago... :) ------------------------------------------------------ How 'bout you? Where will you be???
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• Philippines
25 May 07
Wow that is a very long list. Well anyways, 10 years from now I always visualize myself to be successful to what I am pursuing now in life because I want my Mom to have the best days of her life by shopping, playing to bingo, badminton that she's good at it, and be happy for the rest of her life without anything to worry. As for my Dad, there is always room for him. She likes to go with Mom to shop then that will be great and fun. But I know 10 years from now it would be hard for them to walk and so I am planning to have everything they need in the house. For my brothers and friends and those people who supported me, I will try my best to give them a good treatment. Things that I visualize 10 years from now: 1. Honda Jazz Car 2. Music Studio 3. Internet Cafe 4. Music Bar 5 Help poor people 6. Loving and Caring Family (4 kids) 7. House with swimming pool 8. Have my own badminton court 9. Honda New Bike Those are just some that I visualize and I know someday things will be what I want to be. This is so wonderful to be true.
@lextoper (573)
• Philippines
23 May 07
Ten year from now, i will still be doing and replying discussions here in mylot...hahaha.LOL.. Seriously, I don't think of it from now but i dreamed to be a successful business man and rise a good and healthy family ten years or less from now. I hope and wish God will provide and guide me to fulfill this dreams...
@devrajrao (167)
• India
19 May 07
after 10 years i will be 1. a good and famous doctor 2. i will have 2 kids 3. my own car 4. my own house 5.big bank balance and so on lastly that time i will be a MYLOTien also