Spanish Anchovy Carbonara

@Abbyey (760)
May 19, 2007 6:40am CST
This is my new recipe for a healthy pasta: Anchovy Ingedients: 2 table spoon garlic (minced) 1 Medium Onion (minced) 1 Medium green bell pepper (minced)"NO SEEDS" 1 Medium red bell pepper (minced) "NO SEEDS" 2 Cans of Spanish Sardines "spicy" (mashed) 2 Cans of Cream of Mushroom 1 Can of Sliced Mushroom 1 cup of milk 1/2 cup of water 2 table spoon basil leaves (dried) 1 cup grated Quickmelt cheese 1/2 klo PASTA (Fettucine) Procedures: Pasta: Cook pasta as stated in the package procedure. Sauce: Using the oil of the spanish sardines, stir fry garlic til slightly golden brown add onions, red/green bell pepper and sardines for 1 minute. Add mushroom and mix together for 1 minute. Add 1/2 cup MILK and the 2 cans of Cream of mushroom mix well, if too thick another 1/2 cup of MILK and slowly add the water til the sauce is not too thick. let it simmer for 3 minutes while stirring. Add basil leaves and quickmelt cheese. Mix thoroughly till all is blended together. Just all little amount of water once the sauce becomes too thick. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve HOT with garlic bread. When i cooked this, my mom, sister, cousin and frien loved it. I hope you do too.
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