Still Waiting for The Viewbar

United States
May 19, 2007 6:42am CST
Well we in Agloco are still waiting for the viewbar. Problems with integrating the ad servers into the system has delayed release yet another few days. It should be released any day and if you haven't this free program you need to join and start recruiting referrals. If you recruit 5 referrals and they each recruit an average of 5 then you can make up to $5,000 a month not bad for 5 hours of surfing on the internet. You probably do that anyway. I have been a member since Dec. 3, 2006. This is really a great opportunity so join today. To join go here: Have a great day! Jim
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• Sri Lanka
3 Jun 07
Yesterday (2 June 2007) we got the news that we were all waiting for. The Agloco viewbar will be ready for download from Monday onwards. It will not be released to everyone but will be according to the order of joining. The viewbar is still in its initial stages and it will be automatically upgraded while we use it. But it will take some time for us to start earning. They would have been spending a fortune developing it.
@radhoff (17)
• United States
2 Jun 07
I have quite a few referrals right now, I am getting discouraged with all of the delays, It is really hard to get anyone else to sign up when they keep hearing one more week. They are trying to release the viewbar when it is perfect and can not be hacked, good try but nothing is perfect.
@magica (3710)
• Bulgaria
19 May 07
I just wonder why still so many people promote theese scam. I am a member there, but i will not promote untill i see that they really offer something else then empty hopes.
@milott (2649)
• India
19 May 07
They are actually making us impatient and proving the critizing community's words that they are going to be a big scam but i hope not so and hope to get the viewbar sooner than later and no more postponement will be acceptable.