forbidden love...

United States
October 22, 2006 4:04pm CST
With unspoken feelings, And love just a dream. In this story of mine, Forbidden love is the theme. With a love unwanted, And only aloud just a glance. To be able to go public, They'll never get the chance. With silent screams, And unseen tears. When will they be able to say, "I love you, dear?" With everyone against them, Their love doesn't belong. Just because their status, Their relationship is wrong. With her being rich, And him being low class. Her father wishes to break him, As if he were glass. Not wanting his daughter, To be hanging with a hoodlum. He wants her to befriend another, And not be so "dumb." With a fated meeting, They fell in love. From the moment they both spoke, Each other is who they been thinking of. Pampered and beautiful, She doesn't belong with a bad boy. That's what they think, So they control her like a puppet, a toy. Tall, dark and handsome, The perfect gentleman. They fit together perfectly, If only he was a rich man's son. Not even being able, To be seen walking together. What would you do, If you couldn't see your significant other? Unable to see each other, Forced to be apart. The feelings that wish to come out, Eating away at their hearts. Standing outside the house gates, She sees him outside. They're standing there gazing, Letting out the feelings they must hide. Not even a simple kiss, Or even one heart-warming hug. All just because she's a good girl, And he's another "thug." Her wish to be held, And to be given that awaited kiss. The desire to be with him, And be in eternal bliss. They didn't ask for this pain, But he's the one she's thinking of, These are the secrets, Hidden behind a forbidden love.
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