Do you feel a certain emptiness in yourself?

May 19, 2007 11:01am CST
I really feel this always. I don't know if it's because my very close friend has gone away from me. Or it's just that I need something i don't do you go about this feeling??
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@jarves (814)
• Philippines
27 May 07
Well, sometimes I feel certain emptiness in my life. I don't know why. It just suddenly appears and then I just feel like it.
@ming2x (64)
• Philippines
26 May 07
Yes! I do feel a BIG emptiness in myself, one because of the fluctuation of our family business and two because of a certain friend whom I just became close with..It feels like we don't know each other again as though it's the first time we've met...I don't know why there's a sudden change in the way we interact with each other..I don't know why she acts like so, in a sense that she can't talk to me freely..I know there's so many things she wants to tell me, so many things to let me know, so many things to clarify, so many questions that she needs or wants to ask me about, but she's just too afraid to do so...I know she misses the way we bonded, the laughs we share, the talks we had, the discussions we made, the little debates we do and the quality time that we spend just being together..I know because she told me, but in a whole different way, she and I have noticed the change on the way we treat each's different as before..I really miss the way we bonded..I feel like there's this big barrier or wall built between me and her..or a friendship challenge kinda thing that we have to face...I hope we can surpass these barriers as well as break the wall that's blocking our great friendship and continue with well as solve these friendship challenges kinda thing together...what's ironic is that we see each other almost everyday! because 1.)she's my thesis groupmate 2.)we are coursemates 3.)we study in the same school (of course!^_^) 4.)she is one or part of our circle of friends ("kabarkada") 5.) out of the nine of us in our "barkada" only she and I are on the same course! 6.) lately our adviser made us as "partners" (at times) as representative for our course like we're the ones joining seminars, trainings and the like...we really feel awkward being with each other and not talking..I hope we can patch things up and settle our differences again and focus more on the things that we enjoy together and on the things that she and I could soon as possibble, before school starts...