Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and my six year old

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May 19, 2007 1:17pm CST
At the beginning of this school year, my son brought home a stack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. He is our oldest so I had no idea what these things were. Looking through them, I knew that they were not something I wanted in my house. Do I need my son learning to read things like "Dragoness of the Wicked One" with horrible pictures? I started searching on line to find out what these things were and found some helpful articles on some parenting sites about them. One said something like it teaches kids math and logic. There are plenty of other ways for my kid to learn math and logic that don't include whatever it is that these things represent. Another site said not recommended for kids under age 7. After reading a ton of info about these cards and the games and trading, we just told our son that we didn't want them in our house and to give them back to whomever gave them to him. We told him if he wants to collect and trade cards, that he could use baseball, football, and NASCAR cards. He was fine with it. How much do you research things your children are interested in?
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@sunshine4 (8709)
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19 May 07
I am very impressed with you. My son went threw the Pokemon stage. He bought the cards with his own money, but really didn't know what they were all about. It was more of a thing that all the kids did. They bought the packs and traded. He was out of that after about 6 months and tons of his own money spent. He tried to sell them but really didn't get much for them. He then tried to start with the Yu-Gi-OH and we forbid it. We reminded him of how much money he lost on the other cards. I didn't even know what they cards were all about. I have great respect for you that you took the initiative to research what this was all about.
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20 May 07
Thanks for the kind words. The internet has proven to be a very helpful parenting tool for me!
19 May 07
I spent ages stopping my children from joining the Pokemon craze. Not so much with that one as I did not like the theme but because of the expense and it does not usually last very long. When I got a job where I could get a discount on them I got them a few so that they could feel a part of their friends group and they felt much happier. I feel that parents don't always research what their children are reading either. I would have trusted the library classification until I came across the Everworld series which our library just had in the young children section when it is about teenagers and most unsuitable.