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May 19, 2007 8:12pm CST
What does love mean to you. do you think you need it to live or you just think its just nothing. well i personally think it a good thing because you depend on it to have a family and thats how we are here and if there wasnt love, there wouldnt have any living being on Earth. what do you think???
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• Philippines
20 May 07
Love makes the world go round. It's so powerful that it can change impossible things to possible. Yes we need it to live. Without love is like living in hell. I believe that love is the root of all goodness. When we love someone, we should love unconditionally. It isn't love when you became selfish of the person you like. We should be proud that we're the living creature that God gave us the ability to love. Hey, when you're in-love it seems all the things goes perfectly with you.
• Canada
20 May 07