My mom is very sad and angry with all of us...

@subathra (3519)
May 19, 2007 8:56pm CST
All of us cleaning up every room of our house.The laft in every room was cleaned and we took up all things from there to clean and arrange it properly.My mom is a book lover and she kept it separarely in carton boxes.It was her collections of more than 20 years.She kept some important medicine books and hand work book materials.She would often take it to refer something and to make sure whether any insect doesnot eat it.She would shout at us if any of the pages get torned when we take out for reading or cleaning. We collected some waste things and books which is of no use anymore and decided to call the person from the waste paper mart store to sell it.In the evening we almost arranged those things to be handed over in separate bags.Finally the person came & we gave him all the things and at that time my mom went to the market.We all by mistake gave one of the bag containing some old books also to the person failing to check whats the books kept inside it.Unfortunately it was one of my moms important collections. When she returned she was searching for the bag and all of us were shocked and called up the person not to include the bag for selling as he is a known person.But he told us that all the bags were sent through a lorry to a godown & he shall try to call them to return this particular book bag. My mom started shouting at all of us and we all realised our mistake as its her life time collections & most valuable for her . she felt very distressed and cried for a while.We could not convince her as its not sure whether we can get back the books or not.This happened yesterday evening and today being sunday its a holiday and we have to wait till tommorrow to know the result.
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• Philippines
21 May 07
the hardest part is waiting and thinking that you may lose something important when you just wait. i hope you were able to get your mom's books. i know how it feels when something you value and kept for quite sometime will just disappear. i guess shouting is just your mom's way to shift her emotions. she can not do anything else but to wait for her books to be back. when she cools down, i know that she'll also say sorry for what she did. but in return, everyone should also apologize to her.
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@rb200406 (1825)
• India
20 May 07
actually what you did was really wrong .without checking the bag you gave it.Really she must have been very hurt as well as disgusted.I am a book lover myself & really would be really hurt if my collection of some books would go like this.It will take time to become normal again for her.Try to get back the bag.Hopefully you will.Sinse it is a mistake she will eventually forgive you.But remember to be careful next time.
@Rozie37 (15499)
• Turkmenistan
20 May 07
I can understand your mother being a little upset by your carelessness. You should have waited for her to be there to do something so important. But, at the same time, these are just books and to get upset to the point where she is shouting is not good. Each of you should apologize for making the mistake and do what you can to make amends. Remind her that although the books are gone, you guys are still there and that you love her and did not do this to hurt her. Hopefully she will be able to calm down and see that you guys are more important than the books.
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• Canada
22 May 07
Accidents happen. I can understand why your mother would be upset, but she needs to realize that crying and screaming and shouting and being angry isn't going to help matters. If they are gone, I know you'll all be sorry, if it can be found, I know you'll all be relieved. It happened, and everyone needs to deal with it!!