What is the best pet to have?

@tonixxx (358)
May 19, 2007 9:09pm CST
I have a dog, she is very funny and so affectionate, she is always ready to greet you when you get home, and will sit for hours and let you stroke her. She enjoys playing fetch and will always bring the ball to you, she will put it on your lap and if you ignore it she will picck it up and move it further on, she does this until it is basically on your head. I aalso have a parrot, he is also funny and a bit of a conversationalist, he laughs at and with you, coughs, sneezes, whistles and says things like, pretty boy, free kick, cheeky bugger and awww baby. And finally two gerbils, they are amusing to watch and very friendly. What do you think is the best pet to have, i struggle because i don't want to offend any of mine lol.
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