Could you selectively reduce a multiple pregnancy?

United States
May 19, 2007 9:56pm CST
So my reproductive endocrinologist has asked us to discuss this between ourselves since we are about to start fertility treatments. If you were pregnant with more than twins would you consider selective reduction? Where do you draw the line? Triplets? Quads? Quints? Sextuplets? Septuplets? I know that some say no because it's God's place to decide but then others say that if you were relying on God you would have not gone to the doctor to conceive. All thoughts are appreciated. No judgements from me.
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@itkasp (266)
• Australia
23 May 07
I also had a fertility treatment before for my pregnancy. I had ovulation induction. Once after the scan the doctor found that I have a chance to have triplets and would like to me to consider to stop the treatment cycle. I decided to keep going and at the end only one egg was fertilised. I think for me, I will not opt to have selective reduction, because I decided to have fertility treatment and am well aware of all the risks of multiple pregnancy beforehand.
@Gemmygirl1 (2870)
• Australia
20 May 07
Here in Australia i don't think they like the new mother to have more than twins or triplets with fertility treatments although there was a family who used the treatment twice & ended up with 2 sets of quads - LOL! I don't think it would be right to abort or anything coz if you were pregnant with more than 1, then it's just pure luck that it happened. There are also a lot of women that fertility treatment doesn't work with so if you need help & get extra babies with the help, then i think you are VERY lucky! I'd probably want to have no more than twins myself (i had enough trouble managing one at a time - LOL) so no more than 2, but if i ended up with more than twins in there, i'd keep the pregnancy going! They would all be a part of me so i don't think i would want to lose any of them medically, it would be different if they didn't survive birth though. Good luck with your treatment & i hope you are lucky enough that it takes & you have at LEAST1 baby!