hey wat vil u prefer 4 whole u r life????hardworkin n earnin or black money???

May 20, 2007 1:03am CST
hey wat vil u prefer in u r life??? earnin less by hardworkin?? or earnin much by unfair means??????
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@lonely_f16 (2147)
• Philippines
20 May 07
i like to earn by being hardworking because it's then when you'll realize how to spend your money wisely and you also know it's value...
• India
20 May 07
hey u r rite or v wont no da real value of it..
@amaine (2037)
• Philippines
20 May 07
Well, a very tricky question. At first of course I would be tempted to answer that I would like to earn money in the simple way. If I had the chance to why not. But, it made me realize that it would be so unfair to most people. And, everything in this world has to be worked hard for to get what we really wanted. At first, maybe those people who earn by some unfair means get what they really wanted. All the cash, house and car that they could dream for. Everything they can buy. But can their conscience carry it for the rest of their lives? I believe at first their lives will be great. Almost perfect, but we'll never know, that in the end their lives will end up miserable. They may have the money but end up losing their happiness, or much worse, their family. So my answer is to earn money even though it means working 24/7. It's so good to spend money much more if you know that you worked hard to earn it. :)