For how long have you not made a call to your mom?

United States
May 20, 2007 1:14am CST
I feel sometimes people become so busy with their regular work that they forget to make call to their parents living apart. This doesnot make any bad relationship but I think making regular calls make them happier. What do you say?
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@tina12679 (1126)
• United States
20 May 07
I agree that it does make parent s happier to here from you on a regular basis lets them be a part of your life still. I although am very guilty of not calling my mother on a regualr basis. She works monday-saturday 7 am to 6 pm sometimes and in a plant that bags up the potting soil and decoration rock and salt for int he winter and sand for kiddie boxes, so she works HARD so i wknow when she gets home first thing she does is shower off the day and relax for a little bit eat and then off to bed always before 9 pm so i dare not call her after that. so i try to call on sundays but i get so distracted with my 3 kiddies that it slips out of my mind to call. but as soon as i remeber i didnt call i call her and at least leave a message to say i wm sorry love her and miss her and hope to talk to her soon. sometimes she calls me back.
@mr_ilham (1611)
• Indonesia
21 May 07
i think a week ago i love my mom thank you
@wonderful1 (2076)
• China
21 May 07
I often make a call every 3 days to my mom. If I don't give her a call, she will be worried about me, we live too far. So she has no time to see me, so do i. This summer i will go back to my hometown to see my parents. I miss them very much. But now I have little money, I hope to give them some presents, but I can't. It is ashamed to say about it. I know they miss me ,and just want to see me, they dont' care about some presents at all. But I think it is important, if I have no presents, they will know I have a poor life now. They will be worried about me. Do you know my feeling?
@applsofgld (2506)
• United States
21 May 07
My mom and I call each other all the time. Except when she gets mad at me like this week. But we still call all the time. Now my dad, I do not call him near as often as I should, I would like to, but I just stay so busy that I do not make the time for it like I should. We love each other so much and he knows I do love him, but I am guilty of not calling like I should.