Is time management is related to earning extra money??

May 20, 2007 1:56am CST
I think they are related but how??
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• Philippines
20 May 07
for me, i think so. because if you put time and effort to your investments it will pay off. plus, if hardwork comes along then might as well you get good results. managing your time will efficiently reduce hassles, like for example in business meetings and arrangements. when you manage your time efficiently, it is more likely that you could organize activities that would lead to opportunities. say for example, you sign up for myLot. in order for you to earn money here, you need to post quality content and several participations in discussions. but before you could do that, you have to make sure you only spend your free time here. or else, things will go off in an unlikely way. you can't do myLot and homework due for the next day if you have poor time management. i hope i had answered your question. thanks for the question. i enjoyed answering it.