Do you bring your car to a CARWASH shop or Wash it yourself?

@Abbyey (760)
May 20, 2007 5:05am CST
I being a girl seems not fun to wash my own car. But when i feel like i want to get wet too and im not tired, i do my own car wash that includes playing while cleaning. It takes me hours when i do that, because i shampoo it first then wash off the soap. Then i dry it with a clean cotton base rag then i would put wax (letting it dry) after a few minutes i would wipe it off making sure that i was able to remove all the wax making a great shine. Then the interior would be next with a good leather cleaner and vacuum. You see its tedious but FUN when i "feel" like i want to... But this happen once a month sometimes once in two months because of lack of time. So what i do i bring it to the CAR WASH once a week and since they are professionals... they can finish it in 1 hour. How about you? Do you wash it or bring it to the shop? How do you maintain it clean.
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• Singapore
20 May 07
Yeah, I feel the same way. I dread having to wash the car too. Too troublesome and yucky with all the soap all over the place. Plus it takes me hours since I have to wet it, soap it, then rinse it all off and wipe completely dry before waxing the paintwork, then applying water repellent on the glass and shine for the rims. That's too much fuss. So I get all this done myself only on special occasions. On most occasions, I'd just bring it to the car wash. They use machines or sometimes it's handwash, it's not a perfect job but it'll do.
• Australia
20 May 07
Hello Abbyey I like to wash my own car, really enjoy to wash my car, shampooing, put a wax and dry it, clean and shine just like I want. But sometimes when I don't have much time to do it, I will do to Car wash or ask someone to come to my house for wash my car ( their job are washing car at home). Sometimes their job is fast but not clean enough. God bless you *angel
@veldort (210)
• Finland
20 May 07
I dont have a car yet so this is not my question to worry about :P .