Do you give money to beggars?

@mari123 (1862)
May 20, 2007 10:56am CST
Do you give money to beggars? I used to see beggars on tube. Old guys begged for money by only keeping saying "thank you" and bowing, two disabled men with burned face sung with a microphone. Beggars on tube always walked from one person to another, stood in front of you and said "thank you" for a moment. But few people gave them money. I believe they felt uncomfortable, me too. Unlike those sitting on the roadside, these tube beggers gave me an impression of forcing me to give them money. I do not mean that we should not show our mercy, but whether to give cash to a beggar is absolutely up to the giver. I tend to give money to those playing musical instrument on the road, since they allow me to have a chance to listen to great music.
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@silv3rcut (178)
20 May 07
I only give money to beggers if i am sad or i appreciate what i have been given. If im in a bad mood ill just walk straight by and not care about them. Most of them never buy anything bad with the money.
• India
20 May 07
Hi... I usualy do not prefer to give money to beggars,after giving money to them we do not know how he/she will spend it.They might spend it in some bad way.According to me we should give them some food or some grains etc. so that they might not misuse it.I live in India many beggars are found over here.They would ask to give money and would say that god will bless us if we will give money to them.