May 20, 2007 10:58am CST
To which extend can we go to help our friends??
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@Norstar (695)
• India
20 May 07
To the extent the friend needs the help and to the extent you could help your friend. Remember, a friend is a very special person and if he needs help, it must be provided to him if you can (with all the sincerity). You may also be in need of help some day and if you have friends, you can bank on help from them. So, if you help them, they would have tendency to help you.
• India
26 May 07
I agree partly to your thoughts.... Now if a friend wants you to do more than what you can, then I think it is asking tooo much. It would be like a person travling on a donkey was stopped at various points by passerby and the guy ending up carrying the donkey on his shoulders:). But i don't want to help my friend just because I would need his/her help later on bcoz it would be too selfish on my part. All I want to say is help a friend to that extent you can go and if he is asking too much just be straightforward and say "sorry I can't" in a very friendly way, which I would call a friendship is the true sense.