what is your favourite colour

@Pmcbride (1082)
October 22, 2006 6:58pm CST
name your favourite colour
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@Bizziebod (3526)
9 Feb 07
My favourite colour is red, especially dark red and black comes a close second! They say it is a magical colour with unknown depths but I just like it cos it doesn't show the bumps and lumps when you're wearing it lol!
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@Pmcbride (1082)
10 Feb 07
yep, black hides all the bumps & lumps, very depressing though nice with a bit of red, thanks for the reply.
@insecure (612)
• India
23 Oct 06
its pink
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@Pmcbride (1082)
23 Oct 06
Mines is red
@casper20 (1465)
• India
8 Dec 06
i have more than one favourite colour.one is white,then light blue.and light pink.
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@piatos03 (396)
• Philippines
4 Jan 08
Orange and Blue. Just as long as they're not the solid colored ones. Pastel usually does it for me. I like black when I'm moody too.
• United States
30 Dec 07
I Love Purple!! - I love purple!!
My favorite color has always been purple. Not lavendar...the darker shades of purple are the prettiest to me.
@player143 (879)
• India
2 Nov 07
My favourite colour is orange.
• Philippines
25 Jun 07
well my favorites are red,yellow,blue,orange,white and black!i collect shirts with different colors,and i really enjoy watching them and wearing them. i really love to wear shirts and clothes with sun colors.
• China
24 Jun 07
dark blue
@Sir_bobby88 (8245)
• Singapore
23 Jun 07
My favourite colour will be blood red , black and white yea
@Fixatif (14)
• Canada
19 Jun 07
I like all the colors but if i had to choose one i'll probably choose Blue or Black
@dentidle (293)
• Switzerland
13 Jun 07
@randy88 (685)
• Indonesia
1 Jun 07
mine is blue
@urbangirl (1461)
• Australia
20 May 07
Mine is orange as it is a bright, rich, cheerful colour!
@ikinta (1238)
• Indonesia
20 May 07
I like almost all color.Blue, white, yellow.. But I think I like red the most and I dont know the reason. Maybe it just fits my character. I'm not really brave though or maybe I just want to be brave:P
@nfhs79 (861)
• Malaysia
12 Feb 07
i like both pink... purple... but now i like red. dunno why. since i have my sonyericson in red case. i like red!