do you think how start live in other country

May 20, 2007 5:44pm CST
do you think how start live in other country
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@maximax8 (28958)
• United Kingdom
25 May 07
The things that I like about my own country are the beautiful green countryside. There are animals like foxes, rabbits and lovely wild birds. I like the villages that have old buildings like thatched cottages. The coastline can be quite nice with some sandy coves and some pebble beaches. However the weather is rather poor and so very hot days are rare. On a really warm day some many people drive to the beach that roads get very busy indeed. The nicest beaches also get very crowded. In my life I have often thought that it would bbe nice to live in another country. However nice it is I know I always miss some of the things about my own country. I loved living in Australia. I enjoyed the good weather and superb outdoor lifestyle. I could be happy living there again, but I would really miss my family. Since I lived there in the 1990s my sister has had 4 children. New Zealnd is anothetr place I think I would be happy living. It has a beautiful landscape and a high quality of living. The people there are very friendly. However it is also a very long distance to friends and family in the UK. Nearer to home I like Belize. It is a very relaxed sort of place with a Caribbean flavour. The beaches there are amazing and I like how nice the people are to the environment.