Visual Basic

May 20, 2007 10:36pm CST
Can i run visual basic on Linux ( any distros) ? if so please explain....i am new to linux....i used linux before 3 years....that time it had very low its i am planning to migrate....i use Visual Studio for my software projects please help....
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• Philippines
25 Jun 07
Ok so you want to install a microsoft software into your linux, if you don't use any third party software this scenario is impossible but there is a way... there always is.. ahhahah.. So here's what you do, Install VMWARE into your Linux, find a VMWARE that is good for your linux version. After installation, Install a copy of a windows operating system into your VMWARE.. now that you have microsoft OS you can now install your favorite applications that are Windows compatible but you need to install it on to your VMWARE where your Windows OS is located... Hope this helps!!