Do you believe in magic oracles, tarots, or fortune telling?

May 21, 2007 1:22am CST
I can say that maybe some of the interpretations of the fortune tellers are right but some are just fooling us for our money. What about you? Have you experienced going to a fortune teller or for magic oracles?
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• Philippines
21 May 07
i have experienced it twice and the first one was really good but then the second was a fake
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• United States
19 Jun 07
I do think that some people posses powers to see the future but there are so scams out there there is no way to know who is real or fake.
@jarves (814)
• Philippines
27 May 07
I do not believe on such things. They only exists on movies. I don't think they are true.
@jlara_gtr34 (3492)
• Philippines
22 May 07
yes, i do believe in those. i have gone to a fortune teller several times already and so far, i have enjoyed my trip to the fortune teller. :) i havent asked my fortune teller for some magic oracles though, i just ask her to look into my future or something. :)
• United States
21 May 07
I've never been to a fortune teller myself, but I've read tarot cards for myself, and I've practiced magic and I defintiely believe that it exists, that it works and that it can be good or bad. It just depends upon the intent. And when it comes to fortune telling, some people have the gift, some people don't. Some are more in touch with their emotions and can read situations better than others can.