Women's Education in India

@subathra (3519)
May 21, 2007 3:36am CST
Year to year women's education appears to be impressive and remarkable.This time in Higher secondary exam results in South India, first 3 ranks are being occupied by girls. There was a time, women were deprived their opportunity of joining higher education.Questions raised as to why women are allowed to study when they are expected to look after the family.This has been changed a lot. Do you agree?
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@rb200406 (1825)
• India
21 May 07
Education in itself uplifts a person.If one is educated he or she can know a variety of thinngs which she may not have known.It makes a mind more open & it definitely is a tool to empower yourself.what is link between to look after the family & not having education.I mean isn't an educated woman will become a better wife,a better mother .She will look after the home in a good way .she will educate her child & help him to become a good person.Uneducated woman are rigid & narrow minded woman who cannot understand many things which education provides.So education is absolutely neccessary even if you tend to become homemaker.To be a homemaker is thankless job.For ages women have been deprived of this basic right which one of the reasons for which our society has remain backward.Now woman are proving themselves.
@miaolin (397)
• China
21 May 07
Yes,women also have the same right that men have.Why women must be the person who look after the family,but men?In the previous period,women were deprived their opportunity of joining higher education.In ancient China,women even had no right to be educated,not to mention the higher education.But the reality proves that women are as good as men,even better then men.As to the development of a country,it's definatly a good thing.They will have more good person to contribute to the country.