Fatty changes are found in lever and my friend says he likes alcohol so much!

May 21, 2007 4:41am CST
During the medical check up my friend was advised by physician that he should not continue the alcohol anymore. My friend says he likes alcohol too much to forget. He says "I am not addict and can give up alcohol if I desides to, but I love drinking and can afford the death if it comes". He has lived a luxurious life without any failures and pain as such. But his wife is worried and asks me to do some councelling work to my friend. But some times I feel it an injustice when the matter comes to "liking of something". If when you are very very happy with some of your habits then should we ask them to stop that at all? Don't we need a pleasure as a result of life after all? What is great pain of wife or pain of avoiding the liked thing by my friend. Can you analise it better?
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