What's your feeling? when you find your school building has been dismentled?

May 21, 2007 5:32am CST
I had been to my village few days back and found the school building has been completly dismantled and a new structure is coming up and all the trees under which you played and enjoyeed have been cut? I am deeply hurt to have this senario happen, because whenever I go to my village I used to vist my school and used to recall all my childhood memories and I used to enjoy the chilhood life in this fashion. But last time the scene was different and I could not recall my memories rather tears came in my eyes. Do you have any attachment with the school building and the playground and the trees in your school? I still remember everything. I am sad; my school is broken! I am cring inside my heart, I am quite old now, I can't shout & stop anything happening!
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