@dorist (14)
May 21, 2007 6:00am CST
Is it true that women have never had it so good?In many ways,yes,particularly young women in Europe and the United States who are feeling their strength and flexing their strength and flexing their muscles in all areas of life.As the American feminist Naomi Wolf puts it in her latest book,Fire With Fire:'It is no longer necessary for women to ask anyone's permission for social equality...In other words,whether it is ready or not,society no longed has the power to keep women in their place.' And as we look around,we can see women brusting out of what used to be seen as theri allotted places. So what is to be done?How can feminism take account of such divergent lives?On th one hand,we do not want to lose sight of our new power.By standing together,and going forward together,it is possible that the mountain of patriarchy will crumble at last.
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