do children imitate elders

May 21, 2007 8:14am CST
A childs brain always keeps the memory what it sees or what it hears , sometimes it may be good or bad , and particularly this generation is very fast and active. Kids almost immediately try to imitate their elders who they see , it may be the parents , neighours , family friends, or relatives. We have to be extra careful while we use our language , the way we behave , our body language. When ever i visit a family i see lot of bright kids who imitate their dad , mom or grandparents , and its sometimes very bad expereince , they imitate how elders smoke , or the way they shout ,or any thing that in particular may make the family feel embarassed. so shall we call the kids bad or is it the environment that is making a impression on them that will decide the future of the children. Its up to us how we want the next generation to be , either we want them to lead a peaceful life or a life full of misery . A childs brai is like a soft clay , we can make any thing out of that , it may be a good person or a destruction for society , it all depends on us. What we can do is , never have any argument in front of children , no bad words, bad language , or abuse , it might be we who will have to hear when the kids grow up.
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@Lydia1901 (16354)
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24 May 07
Yep, children are that way because their brain is still developing and they will catch just about anything.