photoshop work - This is the picture I did the PS job with.I didn't do well by now but I'm trying my best to make full use of it:)
May 21, 2007 8:18am CST
Our college held a eveningparty last friday.I played a role in one show,That was the first time I put on the ancient custume and it felt cool:p I like Chinese ancient culture very much.It's full of lengends and romances,what's more,the clothes people wearing in the ancient times were so beautiful!I really wish I could be an ancient. I took some pictures when I was in those beautiful costumes.And I did some Photoshop works with it to make it look better.I like PS software cuz it is helpful for me to deal with some pictures and perfect them. Do you like using Photoshop software? I like it to make my life more colorful:)
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@annierose (18021)
• Philippines
2 Apr 12
You posted this discussion 5 years ago. I wonder if you can still read my message. Anyway, I have been learning photoshop for 2 months now. I am really enjoying it because I can make pictures much better. I learned how to change the color of the hair, eyes, lips, skins, etc.. I learned how to remove acne, pimples or any undesirable feature of the face. I learned how to make a person thinner and how to put a person to a different place in the photo. I learned how to put a photo on a coin and many more. I love doing photo mosaic and restoration too through photoshop.