your problem with your college life

@TerryQ (81)
May 21, 2007 8:24am CST
Everyone has the roommates.I believe there are a lot of things between you and your friends.What is the problem with the roommates or in your college life?Can you give the examples?
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19 Jun 07
I have a roomate now that is always turning the air on constanly making the house freezing, she took the trash out her room three weeks ago and the bag is still sitting on the porch. her dishes have been sitting on the stove for a week. I cleaned up the kitchen but I left her dishes there because she never cleans up after herself. I had another roomate that I used to share a bathroom with and she was always smoling in her room with her friends and whenever she would open her the bathroom door all the the some come under my door and my whole rom would smell like weed and ciggarets. Shw qas also asking to use my phone every day. I would fall asleep sometimes and Have to go knowck on her door in the morning because she had my phone all night. I had another one that acted like she didn't know how to turn the light off when wasn't in a room. I had another one that used to eat my food out the freezer. I stay on a college campus and they pair us with people in an apartmen. I want to get my pwn apartment on campus but a studio apartment is $563.00 a month plus electric and food, Way to much money. So that is why I suffer through with having roomates.