Which do ou agree with?

@carryli (876)
May 21, 2007 10:03am CST
Some people think that the family is the most important influence on young adults,but other people think that friends are most important influence on young people .which do you agree with?On my view,i consider taht our parents play a part in our mature,we will inherit our parents' characters,tempers and son on,so the parents are the most important.
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• China
22 May 07
No people have same views.To this discussion,I have personal opinion.the family and friends both have a important role in our life.characters be formed must have a long time.they can influence our life for ever.So we must stick a balance with them~~~~~~
@tonixxx (358)
21 May 07
I think that the parents ought to be the most important as it is their responsibility to quide you and mould you in a way that you will benefit from. However friendship groups nd school playgrounds probably have more influence over children, they hear and learn things that they consider rebellious as they know they would noty get away with it at home. I think everyone who your child is in contact with has some influence and impact.
@mama4kids (690)
• United States
21 May 07
that is a hard one to answer. family should be most important but then you send them to school and sometimes the friends become a bigger influence on them. parenthood is hard. teenagers are difficult creatures. the key is to be an open and loving family that teaches your children to trust you always. the problems arise when the child thinks that telling their parents something, like a bad grade in school, or that she is pregnant, is going to make the parent go crazy and punish or hate them. as parents, you need to make your children know that that isnt going to happen. no one said parenthood was easy but boy oh boy, until you are doing it, you have no idea how hard it really is. but it is the most rewarding job as well. i wouldnt trade it for the world!!
• India
21 May 07
I think its frends who influence young adults the most..It is that phase of life when u find frends to be far more closer to u than family...there are certain things which u cant share with ur family n its that time when ur frends provide the hands of help...
@sunshine4 (8709)
• United States
21 May 07
I feel that the parents are the most influencial in their children until they become teens....then watch out! Once they hit the teen years and start picking their own friends they get influenced by who they choose to be friends with and how these friends were raised. I have 3 boys who were all raised with the same values and morals, but boy did they all turn out to be so different.