Teen-age LOVE

May 21, 2007 1:47pm CST
Realtionships between teen-agers nowadays are very complicated. There are many factors that affects and influences such relationships. Peer pressure is one. Parents pressure is another... and so on. .. One must realized that when entering into a relationship, one must enter them with the right reasons and intentions. Don't be influence by outside factors... Looking back, I for one was a person who was influence by these factors i've mentioned above... I entered into a relationship because I was the only one among my friends who doesn't have any boyfriend... so because of my stupidness, I had a relationship with someone who was younger than me... don't get me wrong I had many suitors but the better of the lot was him.. though I was not yet ready to commit, I did it anyway... what a disater, it only lasted for a month... This cycle of disastrous relationship made me feel down,. It made me do things that I regretted... I commit myself to people I don't even feel love because I was afraid to be left out, I was in love with love not with the person I committed myself with, which was a disaster...After a number of disastrous relationship, I woke up and I realized I had to rethink my strategy in love. I realized being a teenager is a very difficult phase and I was only adding insult to injury by having these useless affairs. So my advise with teen agers: DON'T jump into a relationship without thinking it over a hundred times... I know it is very difficult not to succumb to peer pressure but don't... be in a relationship because you are in love not because you are in love with love...
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@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
21 May 07
I don't get it, so you are saying that a 19 year old guy / girl can't be in love with someone? I know people who were married when they were 19...
• Philippines
22 May 07
No, what I mean is before you go into a relationship you must think hard and do it with the best intentions not because you are force by peer pressure or some other lame excuses for having a relationship. Just be mature enough to jump into a relationship.