Are you a member of hits4pay or dealsncash?

@ravinskye (8242)
United States
May 21, 2007 2:09pm CST
If you are, i was wondering if you gave your tax info and got paid yet. I joined both recently so I don't want to cash out yet. But I'm waiting to hear from others who have given their info and cashed out successfully. Have you done so?
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• Australia
17 Feb 10
I'm a member of this site,but I don't live in the US.Do I still need to submit a tax form thingy?I'm not too comfortable with giving out personal info.Hope they won't push the issue
@barlow662 (279)
• United States
21 May 07
If it's an honest program, you usually have to give your tax info so that they can send you a 1099. Without a 1099 they would have to pay taxes on all the money that they have paid you and I highly doubt that they will do that.
@sizzle3000 (3040)
• United States
21 May 07
I belong to hits4pay and dealscash. I have not submitted a tax form for them yet either. I however, have no where near enough to cash out. I am hoping that they will send out the money without my social security number. I am also not sure if I am going to give them my social if they push the issue. I am always watching for identity theft. Please post if they pay you without the form being filled out. I hope you do because it would be good for all of us to know.
@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
21 May 07
I'm not a member of those sits but if they don't require you to submit the forms then don't do it. They'll let you now when you try to cash out.