PC Users: Teaching Method

United States
May 21, 2007 3:09pm CST
Are you a self-taught computer user? Did you take a class independantly? Did you take a class through your school or university? Did someone in your family or one of your friends teach you? I started self teaching myself when I was nine and, starting in sixth grade, computer classes became required until nineth grade. What's your experience?
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• Lebanon
23 May 07
I am a self taught pc computer user. I first started learning how to use a computer at age 9 and then I changed schools where it was required to take computers class in 6th and 7th grade but the teacher didnt know much. I knew more than her. Then In 8th I learned ow to use a mac very well.
• New Zealand
22 May 07
I've mostly taught myself, read a few books, also my father has always been an avid computer user. It was through him that that I first learned of the Internet and BOY, ever since that first surf I have never looked back.
• United States
22 May 07
I've been using the computer since I was six years old, so yes, you could say I'm self-taught. Computers are like cars or basically any other machine; you could learn on your own, if you have the determination or curiosity. The computers at my grade school were all really old Macs, and computer class consisted of playing educational games or 'type to learn' programs (that helped you practice typing), but to me, they were just a waste of time.
21 May 07
I have not had proper lessons on how to use a computer. They were not is use at school when I was there. They had just about started when I went to work but I still had secretarial training with the use of shorthand! This course taught me how to touch type. I have learned everything from my family - mostly my children who are now teenagers. I am always concerned about pressing the wrong button and losing it all but they don't worry. I have learned lots recently and now try and find things for myself.