Money for nothing?

May 21, 2007 3:24pm CST
There is of course no such thing. You pay a price for every site that you join - and the price in most cases is of course time. In the case of Google adsense the price is not as obvious, but effectively you are giving away a visitor and a potential own sale for a couple of cents for the click. You really need to think carefully how you you use PPC advertisers But there are numerous sites that you can profit from on a pay for action and pay for referral basis. The trouble is that you can spend an awful lot of time either clicking mindlessly or trying to promote something ineffectively, so I've been turning this over in my mind for the past four months and it has spawned a heap of creative activity. First off I wrote a report on Paid Surveys and I'm in the process of touching it up and adding some marketing fluff before relaunching it via clickbank. Then I took what I'd learned in the report, bought a good script and put the very best Pay for action and pay for referrals sites into one downline building program. The idea is that by promoting one site that lists quality pay for action and profit sharing sites the user will maximise their promotional efforts while choosing which areas they enjoy participating in. I've also added five quality advertising resources and one rebrandable viral masterpiece which is available to rebrand when the user has confidence in the system. But I still wasn't happy so I wrote a seven day course that ties the entire system together. The course is free and explains the best way to make money with free money sites The course is available at Take it with my compliments
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