What's the most annoying song on the radio right now?

United States
May 21, 2007 5:43pm CST
Come on, go ahead and rant. What song comes on all the time that makes you want to turn the volume off? That "Two-Step" song really irks my nerves. And anything with T-Pain in it. His voice annoys me to no end, and he's everywhere now!
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• United States
26 Jul 07
I hate the song "Umbrella" by Rihanna. I used to like it when it first came out but they've just way over played that song on the radio. It wasn't even all that good to begin with. That's just one of the many songs they overplay and that are extremely annoying. I wish there were more artists to listen to and a better variety of songs instead of the constant repeats. Talk about nerve racking!
@truartiss (386)
• United States
24 Jul 07
the most annoying song on the radio to me right now is "beautiful girl" by sean kingston or someone. I hate it
@pnoyzz (8)
• United States
23 May 07
That "Lipgloss" song. Now THAT is proof that ANYTHING can turn into a song. My god. And I agree, most of Fergie's songs are annoying. I've grown to like the BEP, but her solo career is a dud. =P T-Pain is just another Akon, btw. They sound similar. xD
• New Zealand
23 May 07
It's got to be the new song from Cat Steven s or should I say the son of islam I think lol It drives me crazy it's just not as goood as the old Cat Steven's songs the ones I love. I just have to turn it off as cant stand hearing someone so great sing such rubbish and the name is wrong too.
• United States
22 May 07
I don't know if it's played much anymore... but the song 'My Humps' makes me wonder if ANYTHING can get onto the radio. It's just so ridiculous and annoying, I can hardly believe it... I wonder how many millions of dollars this song earned?
@mmiller26 (1932)
• Canada
21 May 07
Anything by Fergie makes me want to throw something at the radio. I liked her when she was with Black Eye Peas because there's a lot more depth to their music. But on her own, not only is she copying Gwen Stefani's formulaic solo music career, but she's also incredibly full of herself and the music is, well...crap.