A Real Internet Business. Free To Join and No Startup Cost

United States
May 21, 2007 7:19pm CST
Finally, a real Internet business that is totally free,with no startup cost. This business is International in scope. There is free training. There is no selling (you actually will be building a business by,giving something away.)They have an amazing compensation program, with unlimited earning potential. YOU CAN SIGNUP FOR FREE!!! If this sounds like something that you are interested in, go to their website and watch the movie and they will explain everything to you. The website is http://www.mypowermall.com/Biz/Home/6286
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• Malaysia
26 May 07
is it a type of scam.
• United States
27 May 07
No. this is not a scam. It is a legitimate and real online business that was designed by the founder to help the average person to profit from the economic boom that is taking place on the Internet. If you would take the time to go to the website and read the information, you will see what I mean.
• United States
22 May 07
I am not very familiar with this particular program, but it does look and sound very good and interesting. Check out my new blog: www.findcash.blogspot.com
• United States
24 May 07
The program is a good one and has a lot of potential. Internet shoppers spent several BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on the Internet last year and there is no end in sight. A lot of money is being made. Here is a chance for the average person to finally be a part of something that has explosive potential and it doesn't cost a dime. It's free!! What do you have to lose, it doesn't cost you anything. I you don't want to become involved in the business acpect of the program, you can signup for free and get the additional discounts when you buy items for yourself. Don't be one of those people, who will say "I heard about that program sometime ago and it's bigger than I ever thought it would be. I should have joined and it didn't even cost anything." Be A Visionary. I don't want to say, I told you so
• South Korea
27 May 07
OK thanks for the info. I'll try this link.