What is the oddest thing you have ever drempt?

@irishmist (3820)
United States
May 21, 2007 9:46pm CST
I know I have many weird dreams, but one will always stay in my mind. In my previous post. I talked about sleep walking.. Well now.. I had this dream about Smokey The Bear. Remember him? So ok we are going back some years lol. Anyway this is funny. My older brother's girlfriend had to stay over due to a bad storm. My dad set up a cot in the livingroom for her. My bedroom was off the livingroom. Anyway I had a dream about Smokey telling me to go out to our hallway. We owned our own house, and it was kind of an entanceway. So anyway I did, and I swear there was this horrible big black spider. I believe it was a Black Widow. Anyway I tried to wake everyone up in the house, and they wouldn't get up, because they thought I was sleep walking again. But this time I wasn't. So I took this girls hair spray and tried to kill the spider. My brother who had not went back to sleep heard me spraying & screaming finally came to see what was going on! Well I showed them all. It was not a dream at all. It was for real. Boy did I have an I told you so for that one. We still talk about this to this day. Who wants to chime in on this one?
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