How do you think of going on studying

@lzjilbb (425)
May 21, 2007 9:59pm CST
I have been a post graduate student for more than a year now. Many of my former classmate in college also have been working for more than a year. The situation is changing quickly in China. And the competition for job is getting more and more tough. Many students like me are very possible to meet great challenge when we graduate. In that situation, we will make much less money than those who started working much earlier. I think that unfair, but I cannot change it. Do you think keeping on studying is a good idea? Do you think that's really discouraging and I should have chosen the other way?
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@williamjisir (22904)
• China
22 May 07
First of all, you don't have to care about how much your former college classmates have made or are making from their work. Secondly, I don't think it is discouraging to go on studying for your master's degree. Anyhow, you are gaining much more knowledge and many more skills as well as theories from your study, which will benefit you a lot in finding a well-paid job after you graduate. Thirdly, you know, there goes the saying: It is not easy to make both ends meet. I mean, when you are gaining something, you are also losing something, which is very natural and reasonable. You can not make everything that you are doing as great as you expect. It is the same to your former college classmates as well. When they are starting to work after graduation, they have also lost the chance of going for further education. When it is somewhere fair to you in one way, you can not expect it to be fair to you in another. Fourthly, you are young and it is the best time to study. Why not insist on your initial idea to finish your post graduate study? What's more, you know, the society we are confronting today is full of great challenges. And only those who can face them bravely will be the winners in this very cruel and realistic society. Besides, you know there are many factors in how much a person earns like whether the work you are engaged in and the major you choose to study is hot or not and how your business is going on. In short, no need to explain to you that knowledge is power. Juat pay more attention to what you are studying and less attention to how much they earn. You gain and you lose. That is the regular rule.