gunbound philippines!

May 21, 2007 11:38pm CST
hey everybodY!!!does anyone here play gunbound philippines? if you're playing it add me up!luvUJaTh03/gold axe only...jhewelle03/gold axe also...baby_Tinn/chick only...i also play audition...ran online philippines... how about you???
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• Canada
16 Nov 07
No but i am playing Gunbound North America....or well.....i think...Anyways what's the difference?
• Philippines
19 May 08
double silver axe here, pm me ingame between 9:00 - 10:30PM GMT +8:00 ^^, imma help you lvl or whatsoever
• Philippines
23 Aug 09
hi everyone..can anyone help me..i want to play gunbound world champion..but the problem is i need to create game id..but in order to create gunbound id i need 10,000gold how could i get it if i can't play to earn gold.