Parents - This photo shows the love of the Parents towards the childern. They Love their childern equally.
May 22, 2007 12:58am CST
They are the one who gave you the birth. They are the one who spent a number of sleepless nights when U was ill. They are the one who tried to give U the best possible things without caring for themselves. They are the one who fought with every odd just to protect you from the cruel hands of the word. --------- Now, Do you think that U love your parents as much as they. Do U think U care for them when they are ill. Do you think U r providing the best things to UR ageing parents. ----- Now in the last, R U READY TO BE WITH UR PARENTS TILL THE LAST MOMENT INSTEAD OF SENDING THEM TO THE OLD AGE HOMES. ------ i'M ASKING ALL THESE QUESTIONS BECAUSE NOW -A -DAYS CHILDERNS ARE FASTLY SHUNNING THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES TOWARDS THEIR PARENTS. THEY ARE TAKING THEM AS BURDENS. MORE AND MORE CHILDERNS ARE SENDING THEIR AGEING PARENTS TO OLD AGE HOMES BECAUSE THEY DON'T FEEL ANY ATTACHMENT WITH THEM. ----- IF THE THINGS REMAINED LIKE THIS THEN THE DAYS ARE NOT FAR AWAY WHEN THERE WIL BE NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A human and A Animal. ----- So hereby U all R requested to spread this message: Love UR parents and give them the best care that you can.
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@keerthu (33)
• India
22 May 07
ya i love my parents! soonly i'm going to gift a precious thing to my parents. but the gift will be only 1% of the gifts they have given to me.
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• India
22 May 07
The cost of the Gift doesn't matters. The only thing that matters is the Love that is wrapped with the Gift. So, move ahead and so ur love towards ur parents as much as u can.
@imsilver (1668)
• Canada
22 May 07
I give my parents no more than they gave me. Well.. I suppose I should say my father. My mother passed away when I was quite young and my father attempted to raise my siblings and I by himself. And he failed miserably. He was a selfish, manipulative person who always blamed others for whatever happened. It was always someone elses fault when things didn't go the way he wanted it to. I had no relationship at all with my father for a number of years. Just over the past 10 years or so have we even been talking.. and most of that is due to a wonderful lady that he has hooked up with. I allow my children to visit with my father only on the condition that my stepmother be there. My children are never left alone with him. I talk to him on the phone once in awhile but we keep away from personal discussions or issues from the past. To this day my father still blames the system (child protection) for everything that went wrong and he blames me for involving them. He hasn't and probably will never accept that fact that he was a terrible father.
@sabwinner (499)
• China
22 May 07
Oh, of course I love them! They are the two people who deserve to love most! I wish I could be a big guy some day to make them proud of me, and I'll give them good condition to live!