Titanic 2

May 22, 2007 2:29am CST
Dont you think titanic 2 will answer very many unfinished questions in 1?
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@AshleyHasan (1024)
• India
22 May 07
The movie was based on real life story , I dont think you have any unanswered questions in Titanic movie, It will remain just as Titanic , I dont think we can call as Titanic 1 and Titanic 2 , Because as far as I know It is just one Titanic ship and one movie..What do you mean by titanice 2 and what are the unfinished questions in 1, I mean I just want to know the details according to you. What it is all about ..Thank you!
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• United States
6 Jun 07
I never heard there was a #2 coming out. I don't see how when the ship sank it was over with. The only way they could have a part 2 is if they have found some wreckage and personal belongings from some of the people aboard the ship. Would be interesting to see though if they did make another movie.
• Nepal
27 May 07
Let see may it
@abrarr (1246)
• Pakistan
27 May 07
i think its not bbeing made to answer anybody's questions. only to earn money is their aim!!..lollzz!!
@manu619 (451)
• India
25 May 07
i dont think of itz second part.. Bcoz the story ended..
• India
23 May 07
now i dont find anything unanswered in the movie...its a complete movie..complete in all sense...
• United States
22 May 07
Titanic, to me, was one of the worst movies of all times. It was contrived and supercilious. So the MAIN unanswered questions for me are: Why did you mess up a good story? If you had planned to mess a good story, why even bother to make a movie? Was it for the money? Yes. I know the answer to that one. Therefore, I think Titanic II will not answer unfinished questions.