Would You Date A Metrosexual??

May 22, 2007 4:03am CST
Hey ladies, I was just wondering if you'd ever go out with metrosexual guys and consider them as your life partner. I mean, in a away it is kinda fun because we girls always complain how our boyfriends always seem bored to follow us shopping. All they do is sit there and wait and they don't seem to give concrete feedback.. And it would be nice to have a boyfriend that knows the latest fashion and presents himself well.. But on the other hand, I would find it pretty annoying if my boyfriend is more into vanity than I am! So what do you think?
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@jlara_gtr34 (3492)
• Philippines
22 May 07
yes i would. lolz. :) i actually admire metrosexually inclinated men rather than those who are all sloppy and bad smelling guys, those who seem not to care about their looks. i'd rather date a guy who is concerned about his looks and hygiene because that just goes to show how important cleanliness is for him. :)
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• Malaysia
22 May 07
Thanks for the feedback~! I understand what you mean! I also think that cleanliness is a really important trait to look for in any guy! It would be so gross to have a sloppy and smelly boyfriend! But aren't metrosexual guys more engrossed in themselves than others? I wouldn't like a guy that is too selfish, know what I mean? Hmm.. thanks for your opinion anyway.. =)
@aniez0906 (264)
• Indonesia
22 May 07
no, i don't like a metrosexual. so i wouldn't date with him/her...!
• Malaysia
22 May 07
awww.. really?? I guess you have a really good reason not to like metrosexuals.. care to share your opinion?? would really appreciate it~! thanks! have a nice day! ;)