his tour..his genre

May 22, 2007 9:33am CST
well, i live in indonesia, here we dont have many artist coming on tour. i was wondering will john mayer be going to indonesia? cause a few weeks ago he was in australia..so close!! there are lots of people here who listens to john's music actually. but maybe that's not good enouugh to make him come here? and also.. what genre does he play actually?he's a rocker for sure...but there's some soul and blues in his music.sometimes jazz..on tv, people call him a rock star..so, is it true?? i admire him, a lot, but im still curious bout his genre.. so can anyone figure it out?
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@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
22 May 07
It's hard to put modern music in to the traditional genres, but artists today are very inspired of many different genres, so I agree with you that it's hard to define the genre of John Mayer. :-) Don't know if he'll be touring in your country
• Indonesia
23 May 07
yeah..true.. why dont we just ask him then? :)
@dita13 (431)
• Indonesia
23 May 07
haha.. I don't know anything about John Mayer.. So, I'm just hoping john will make a concert in Indonesia for you! Cause you are his big fans.. Why don't you email his agency, or try something like that, and request if john mayer making concert in Indonesia..