"THE SECRET" of success

@toe_ster (771)
United States
May 22, 2007 4:07pm CST
So I left to go make lunch for my kids, and I could hear a mans voice. It freaked me out as I am a stay at home mom and my husband was at work. I ran into the living room to see my 1 year old playing with the keyboard. He pressed something and some add popped up. It was one of those send me your name and number and I will tell you 'secret' to success. He claimed it to be on Oprah. So being nosey I checked out Oprah. The 'secret' as this man was trying to sell was 'The Law of Attraction'. That is where you give out what you get kinda thing. You put out positivity and you receive positivity. Blah...blah...blah.... So my question really is, its not really a 'secret' worth paying for is it? To pay to be told think positive thoughts only and you can have your wildest dreams come true? It is always easier said than done, but really? People paying to hear this? It seems the only person profiting is the selling the hype. Any thought or comments?
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@kelly60 (4548)
• United States
29 May 07
I agree that this is a scam. I think it is along the same lines as so many other scams. The secret is nothing more than common sense, but there are probably many people who are suckered into the hype and he probably is making a hefty profit by selling his hype.
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