Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!!

May 22, 2007 5:04pm CST
I'm torn between love and hate with rain. On the downside, everything get wet and yucky. Dirt turns into mud. The sun is usually hidden behind the dark gloomy clouds. The air is cold and makes everything seem negative. There is an upside to rain, When it's sunny outside and hot and then all of a sudden a little burst of rain occurs. Ending with of course, a rainbow. The soft trickle of the raindrops on your face, splashing into the little puddles. or how about the rainforests? or Mist? they're beautiful too.
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• United States
22 May 07
I have a love/hate relationship with rain as well. Sometimes I really like it. Like when I'm home and have no plans. I can be lazy and sit around reading or watching movies all day. It's also nice to cool the air down after it being really hot out. I hate the rain when I have big plans or a special ocassion to go to. It really puts a damper on it all.
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@scribex (22)
• Brazil
22 May 07
Rain is only bad at summer,when i am at beach and need to run away.Rain clean the streets and the air,and make me fell better.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
22 May 07
I love Rain, but I do not like when I have to stay nice, and I can not go out and dance or get all dirty in it. And well, when the lightning comes then I can not be online, as I tend to be a lightning rod.... Rain is wonderful Yes, I miss the son, but if you really look carefully often the sun appears and dispears as the clouds roll through. Sure get all wet, may flatten your hair due, or dampen your books and papers. But it makes the grass grow, and gives the birds a nice drink to sooth their throats. I over all like rain, but I need the sunshine too.. I just do not like how the beginning of rainstorms sometimes triggers asthma in me. But as long as I dance in it, I am usually fine. - DNatureofDTrain